Destroy writers block! Spew out that email you don’t want to write! Complete your epic fantasy novel!


  • Write for 5 minutes without stopping, or your text disappears!
  • Pause for 2 minutes for editing
  • See how many words you can write over 3, 5 minute sprints.

Packed full of features:

  • Dark mode
  • Rich-text support
  • Word counter

This is not meant to be a full text-editor, you would not write a novel inside the app, instead you might copy a prompt for yourself into the app, write for a few sessions, then copy the text back out. It is for getting yourself over that initial hump when you begin a writing session. It WILL delete your text, you will NOT be able to get it back!

Release Notes

v0.4 Beta

  • Add focus mode (blur all but current paragraph)
  • Save settings and content in local storage between refreshes
  • Tweaks and fixes

v0.3 Beta

  • Add settings for session length, number, deletion time
  • Improve mobile layout
  • Tweaks and fixes

v0.2 Beta

  • Auto-focus on load
  • Change default session length
  • Remove final edit session (default is now: Start → Sprint 3m → Edit 1m → Sprint 3m → End)

v0.1 Beta

Initial release - many niggles, basic features only

Recently I have been using to get myself writing when I just can’t seem to put words on the page. If you pause, your text begins to fade, and after 5 seconds the page goes blank. Gone forever.

I find this extremely useful for getting started with a writing session. It prevents me from fiddling with a single sentence for hours on end, trying to pick the best possible word choice, it gets me immediately into the JUST WRITE state-of-mind that (after producing a few paragraphs of dross) will generate some interesting ideas. I had a few small issues with the original app however, the main one being that the pause was just slightly too short for me, which caused me to rush too much, tiring out my hands.

The other is that I would like to be able to use rich text formatting while I write, for italics, bolding, headers and lists, and the original app did not offer that.

I also had a few ideas for additional configuration and features that could be fun, such as the multiple writing sessions. This is why I rewrote my own version over the last 3 days instead of doing any actual writing. I am confident that in the coming weeks, I will be able to spend many hours adding features to this app instead of actually working on my novel! Bonus.

  • dark mode
  • non-configurable session count, length, pause
  • delete after 8s
  • rich text support
  • word counter